Adjustable Ridgeline

What is an Adjustable Ridgeline?

An Adjustable Ridgeline or Utility Constrictor Rope(UCR for short) is a piece of equipment that is made from braided rope that helps ensure a consistent hang from hammocking site to the next.  The Adjustable Ridgeline mounts at either end of your hammock and keeps the hammock hanging on the same angle. 

Why an Adjustable Ridgeline?

Why get an Adjustable Ridgeline versus a Fixed Ridgeline? While a Fixed Ridgeline may be a few bucks cheaper, it doesn’t offer the flexibility of an Adjustable Ridgeline.  When you are just starting out you are going to want to play with the length of the UCR to get the best hang for YOU.  This is why a UCR is superior to a Fixed Ridgeline.  Our UCR‘s can accommodate hammock lengths from 9 feet up to 13 feet!  So if you upgrade your hammock to a longer one, you are able to move your UCR from one to another.  

How does an Adjustable Ridgeline work?

There are several ways to make an Adjustable Ridgeline but I will be describing how ours works.  This UCR is made from two pieces of Amsteel.  One piece is short and has the bury that makes it adjustable and a locked brummel.  The longer piece goes through the bury and has a whipped tail to prevent pull through.  The other end has a locked brummel.  Each locked brummel will be attached to the ends of your hammock via your preferred method.  Ours is by using our soft shackles and attaching them to the continuous loops in our gathered end hammocks. 

How to set your Ridgeline Length

Now when it comes to getting the perfect hang, there is no exact science.  There are many variables and it will take some testing and tuning to get the most comfortable hang.  A ridgeline takes some of the variables out, like the distance between the trees and the height that you hang. 

When you go to first use your UCR, a good length to start at is 83% of your hammock length.  See below:

9′ Hammock = ~90″ UCR

10′ Hammock = ~100″ UCR

11′ Hammock = ~110″ UCR

From here it is personal preference in what feels best for you.  Try it and then adjust it from there.  If your UCR is too short it will cause too much sag and in turn you will have to lay at more of an angle (perpendicular to the tree) to get a flat lie.  If your UCR is too long then your hammock will begin to squeeze on your shoulders and feet. 


Once you have found your sweet spot, that’s it.  You will now be able to get the same hang every hang!  It makes getting setup much quicker and consistent.  We hope that you were able to find some value in this post and that is helps you get a better hang.  Be sure to drop any questions or comments below.  If you are interested in getting an Adjustable Ridgeline of your own, check out what we have HERE

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