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We are a proud supporter of The National Forest Foundation. Each purchase of a hammock and tarp bundle plants two trees in a National Forest that needs it the most

Hanging High Hammocks is an American Based company offering affordable Camping Hammocks, Tarps, Suspension and more.  We strive to bring comfortable hammock camping gear to you without a big investment.  Whether you are looking to just get started hammock camping or looking to upgrade your current setup, we have what you are looking for.  

Our Samson Amsteel Blue suspension is of the highest splicing quality.  This suspension makes getting a quick and easy hang simple.  Not to mention how much weight savings Amsteel offers.  Its so light, it floats.  Pair this with our Hammock and Tarp bundle and you will be getting a great nights sleep while backpacking in no time!

Why choose a hammock over a tent?  The simple answer is comfort.  Once you get acclimated to sleeping in a hammock you won’t look back.  To get the same level of comfort in a tent you would need a cot, sleeping pad and still wouldn’t be as comfortable.  

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All in one Hammock and Tarp bundle! Everything you need to Get Hanging. This Bundle will have you backpacking confidently and comfortably in no time!

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