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Ten years ago I was introduced to Hammock Camping by one of my best friends. This was completely new to me as I had always tent camped. Once I went backpacking with a hammock, I was hooked!

When I first started hammocking I knew very little of knots, tree spacing, and your “hangle” (which is your optimum hanging angle), basically anything to do with sleeping over night in a hammock. Since then my love for the outdoors has grown tremendously and I want to share this everyone! That’s when Hanging High Hammocks came to concept.

Hanging High Hammocks strives to make the jump from tent camping to hammock camping as seamless as possible. We are here to offer an all-in-one hammock and tarp bundle that makes the initial purchase simple, affordable, and customizable.

Why Hanging High Hammocks

Hanging High Hammocks was conceived after several hammocking outings between friends.  We loved the comfort of sleeping off the ground as well as ease of site location.  Once it was decided to sell an all-in-one hammock and tarp sleep system that’s when we decided that we wanted to serve not only our customers but the outdoors.

We wanted to give back but wanted to do it in a meaningful way that represented hammock camping.  That’s when it was determined that we would plant two trees for every hammock and tarp bundle purchased.  This not only ensures that our future generations will be able to enjoy the outdoors and hammocking, but we are also helping restore National Forests that have been damaged.

When you purchase from Hanging High Hammocks, you can be sure that you are not only getting a good deal, but you are also helping to do a great thing for our future.  If you would like to learn more about our mission to give back, please visit our Mission page.

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